Augmented Reality has the potential to completely change skydiving forever. Imagine flying through the sky trying to fly through way-points, having a heads up display of your altitude and your friends positions. You could compete head to head with other skydivers or upload your data and see how you stand up to other skydivers around the world.

AR has not only the ability to make skydiving more fun but also safer. Many skydivers are injured or killed because they were not paying attention to altitude or did not have awareness of other skydivers around them. This app would be in your eye with reminders to pull and outlines of other skydivers.

For my first AR app I plan to implement the following features:

  • Heads up display with altitude
  • A Pull alert when you reach pull altitude
  • The ability to record skydives with a camera -Save data from the Skydive including speeds and fall rates
  • Outline other skydivers using via AR

Eventually I would like to add in games and competitions for skydivers and the ability for skydivers to make there own competitions.

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