With no cure for coViD yet, most parents are considering having their kindergarteners skip this school year to avoid the risk. Well, being the teacher hasn't been easier at all either. Most countries are using video apps to learn but most schools here have come to a halt due to low internet connectivity majorly despite smartphone users greatly increasing. Since all one needs is to load, it doesn't cost a high internet charge and makes it interactive to learn and makes a parent's job easier.

What it does

The kid's curriculum includes learning alphabets, numbers, colors, etc. If today's lesson is alphabets, the child can open the camera and tap on the alphabets on a world view making it interesting and making the parents work easier + the child gets a fun way to learn and more memorable.

How I built it

Used Photoshop for materials such as the end screen and board. Used Spark AR for transforming my idea into reality; with help from Sketchfab for the 3D letters.

Challenges I ran into

Had a couple of errors while scripting and for the patch editor, some options could be simplified. I also have a problem with the end screen where when I set the visibility for completion of than 3 objects, it doesn't work. Also had a UI picker where there was a colors and numbers options but the screen started flickering, maybe because of incompatibility with using the UI with a lot of 3D objects. For now, it's just the alphabets but we'll still work on making the UI picker work in future so there can be a variety of topics to learn.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finishing the project and submitting it. Really proud. Used the patch editor despite being afraid it might be complex and will be using it more in the future.

What I learned

To use the patch editor and advanced features of Spark AR.

What's next for AR School For Kids

Introduction of more topics for kindergarteners such as foods, numbers & colors, and for other classes such as Math where there are equations and one taps on the right answer. Adding more music to sync with the objects

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