Virtual reality and augmented reality have become very important technologies. They have evolved to the point that it is no longer enough to just have a HMD to fully enjoy the immersion experience. We wanted a remote control to play in a virtual environment, but we couldn't afford it.

What it does

AR remote is a low cost remote control for virtual reality that gives the users the expirience of having their hand in the game. It communicates via UDP protocol to any smart phone capable of running virtual reality apps. By using the augmented reality framework Vuforia, we are able to provide the user almost fully postional tracking of the remote in the virtual world.

How we built it

A ESP8266 micro controller, a joystick, some buttons, vuforia and Unity engine to interface it all.

Challenges we ran into

We had problems trying to implement different communication protocolos between the remote and a smart phone, so we decided to use UDP due to its simplicity.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We mange to work better as a team.

What we learned

How to solder properly, 3D printing, game dev topics, etc.

What's next for AR Remote

We think that this is a good to dive into this new area of development, so we are considering to continue the project in the near future.

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