It came from thinking about how nice it would be to drive up to the Marriott, hold up your phone, and check in through a clean, easy to use AR interface.

What it does

We were interested in creating a "point of sale" system that used AR with the Esri location data and Galileo for transactions. It create a dynamic floating 2d anchored in 3d space at the geo-location of each business. The 2d sprite(s) would be information about the business/monument/location and would allow you to scroll through reviews, make purchases, etc.

How I built it

We didn't. It was way too far out of our current capabilities. We plan to continue on developing it and use it to help push our skills.

Challenges I ran into

I personally ran into many issues with dynamic content on 2d Sprites. I wanted to add a scrollView to a 2d sprite and I haven't found an answer to that yet.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That I'm still interested in coding after banging my head against documentation all night.

What I learned

I learned how to create post/get request, create a mongo atlas bd, and create an RESTful API that allows for an external application to access the database.

What's next for AR POS

We are going to keep trucking away at it. Maybe finish it for next year's hack-the-u

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