When the pandemic began, the lockdown started and everything got indoors then the urge to travel, to explore new worlds,the desire to feel free while travelling inspired us to come up with this idea of ANYWHERE DOOR and work towards it's development. We were all beginners at the moment but the will to create something interesting, to be able to live that moment of turning our imagination into reality kept us moving and motivated. When it finally could be made we called it the DREAM PORTAL which truly became a source of turning our dreams true, we were able to live that moment of joy and experience life once again!

## What it does

The app which we have created lets the user enter a desired location and then creates a virtual door through which one can enter into the the location virtually and experience that place with a 360° view and also can see the room left behind himself on the other end of the door which makes this project all the way more charismatic.

How We built it

We first started gaining information as to how and what skills were required in our process which took a long time as we were all beginners but we finally came across unity engine and learned how to work on that within three days and also we worked on A-frame to finalize the project. The incorporation of the 360° view gave us a really hard time and we were not able to move forward but after watching a lot of tutorials, we finally made our DREAM PORTAL.

Challenges We ran into

When the whole code was prepared and finalized, the task of uploading it to GitHub became really difficult as GitHub would not accept the code as it is so we had to break it into chunks of code and then upload it and that took a lot of time and made us anxious as to what would happen if we were not able to upload the code in time, but in the end we were able to make it and proceed further.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

When we first started we were complete beginners but as we progressed with our work we learnt a lot and have grown as developers. The project that we were able to make, gives me the confidence that we will give a tough competition to others and not only do we strive to compete but also strive to win this hackathon!

What we learned

We learnt a quite a number of things like the Unity Engine, A-frame. Then we learnt never to give up and keep solving the problem until its resolved. This project not only increased our skills but also our confidence and motivation to keep growing and learning.

What's next for AR-portal-Ios-App

We Will Create an application in which we will integrate Google Maps with our Idea and whenever the user will search a location, they will be able to experience how it feels to be there! Not only that we will integrate the nearby hotels and stores along with the view of the location. And we will keep updating it further.

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