Augmented Reality solutions can have a specific application in making our society and reality for more secure by allowing police officers to have access faster and in a more automated way to information about things happening around them, sometimes in such amounts that it cannot be processed and his discarded.

The Epson Moverio, with its camera and augmented reality capacity, can screen the reality around police officers and automatically recognize specific elements that can be of interest for the police officer and displaying it in its field of view, allowing a more direct comprehension of the data.

An example could be for instance the capacity to screen in real time license plates on cars, and notifying the police officer for stolen cars, cars involved in accidents or with pending fines to be paid. It can be also used to inform visually the officer about specific events occurring around him like an ambulance approaching and needing priority access, or how a traffic jam is clearing away a couple of kilometers away.

In a second phase the solution can be improved by trying to recognize automatically faces within crowds, allowing the system to identify criminals, lost people, etc...

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