Pokemon GO and Tamagotchi, we wanted to make a game that would make the players attached to their virtual pets

What it does

Simulates owning a pet wolf, The user can feed the wolf, make it chase a ball, walk it around, and make it sleep.

How we built it

We used the game engine Unity, the C# language and the Vuforia API (handles AR).

Challenges we ran into

Mainly related to GUI and 3D models: Since we are not artists we struggled to find appealing (and free) 3D models. Furthermore, we also struggled to create a good looking user interface. In addition, we struggled making the pedometer work for the walking feature.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being capable of working with AR (which something we had never done before) Working in a virtual/three dimensional space

What we learned

Most of our learning was related to time management. We realized that we were too optimistic in our abilities and we could not finish all the features that we wanted in time.

What's next for AR Pet Game

Significant amounts of polishing: -make our own 3D models that are significantly more appealing -make a more polished GUI -add more animals -improve animations -making it markerless AR -being able to trade pets with friends through NFC -having shops where the user can buy accessories -make the pedometer work properly -track it with a pedometer

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