I wanted

What it does

It provides users with a variety of fun AR games.

How we built it

We had the idea for the AR app beforehand, and we knew that Unity offered a relatively simple platform to develop AR apps with. When we came in to the hackathon, we found ARCore, a powerful AR building app for Android. In the end, however, we used Vuforia to

Challenges we ran into

We ran into all kinds of problems, because we were not very familiar with Unity coming into the hackathon. The main issue that we banged our heads on for hours was the camera tracking. While we did have the option of developing for ARCore, a much more advanced AR app development library, we did not have a phone that could support it. After wasting hours trying to get it to work, we settled on just using Vuforia, even though it offers limited features to phones that don't support ARCore. I spent another couple of hours trying to improve the image tracking on the Vuforia app, but I realized that I wouldn't get anywhere. This is when we decided to focus on building content for the game rather than fixing the one issue we had been stuck on.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of having gotten a product done, even if it was not very good. We came in to learn and have fun, and we did well in that department.

What we learned

We learned about AR app development with Unity. While we did struggle at first, it was satisfying to finally see the app bring still images to life and provide a fun experience.

What's next for AR Movement Games

If we were to continue this project, we would probably add support for ARCore (for more accurate tracking), more games, and a multiplayer feature.

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