Technology always has its way of making things easier, considering that we wanted to implement an ideology that will help you find your destination more quickly.

What it does

It turns the users' current location to a 3-D Mode and the destination he wants to reach. For instance, if someone needs to go to the restroom on the map will turn into a 3-D model so that it makes it more accessible for the person.

How I built it

The team collaborated in different ways:

  • We Used Vuforia for AR in order create 3D-Objects
  • Grouping system to remove objects with the help of a button
  • Used C# to generate location services with Unity. Besides, we used Android Studio to accelerate the development and build the highest-quality app. ## Challenges I ran into It was hard to utilize GitHub since it was taking to much time to push due to the large size of the files, so we created a google doc to share our code. ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of Learned various new things about different technology and got more familiarized with the terminology used. In addition, that we were able to implement our idea and make a prototype in time. ## What I learned Coordinating with the team, I learned the basic uses of Vuforia with AR. In addition, I gained knowledge about crreating location services on Unity with using c#. ## What's next for AR Mapping Learn how to develop and add more function keys to make it more user friendly .
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