We took the inspiration mixing two quite similar ideas, fiest a game we used to play when we were younger in which an object was given and you had to be the fastest to find the same object in a table full of things, we combined that idea with a prefios filter from Paula which you had to search for a 3D object in a labyrinth.

What it does

Once you open the filter you have to use the back camera and a 3D letter/figure shows up, after few seconds a bunch of random letters pop up floating around, now its the time to search for the one given before, its a 360 world space so you have to move the phone even move yourself, once you find the correct one you tap on it and sound with conffeti will appear.

How we built it

We´ve used Spark AR for everything, in the advanced part we´ve used some easy javascript for a timer countdown. We used 3D text, sounds from the AR Library, particles, and combined it on the patch editor.

Challenges we ran into

We have never done a filter like this before, so it was kind of challenging but we put together all we knew and helped eachother.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating the advanced part of the filter, with the start cta and the countdown, its a more proffesional game.

What we learned

Spark AR gives a world of opportinities to create million things, not only what we have been doing. Its a really powerfull tool.

What's next for AR LYNX

Improving the filter and who knows, maybe release it so everyone could use it!

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