While studying every student experiences an issue to visualize things he is reading/learning from the textbook. Also in a pandemic situation like now, the lectures are held online, which does not seems problematic for students who are achieving higher courses, but for pre-primary and primary students, it's really a tedious task to make them sit at a place when the tutor is not present physically in front and it's difficult for these small kids to imagine things what the teacher is trying to describe. A large body of analysis shows that visual clues help us understand and retrieve info easily. Kids have curious minds and words cannot explain every aspect of the book. There this AR app comes for aid through which one can replicate the objects in front of children. This All in One MarkerLess ARVR Application will have a curriculum in many categories as kindergarten to higher studies, and these categories will have syllabus covered with the help of 3D animated models and videos. We have implemented each class with every subject students will learn with separate chapters, concepts explained separately and the user can choose it as per his/her desires. While selecting a specific topic to learn, students can project the 3D models on their desired plane spaces and can interact and perform various tasks. The kindergarten students can learn about the Number system, the Alphabets etc hastily. The primary and secondary students can learn subjects such as Geography, History, Science, especially Astronomy Stone Age man, his evolution, the different landforms hills, plateaus. For the higher secondary students who find P-C-B subjects difficult to study we have Physics concepts like refraction, reflection etc for their help, for chemistry we can show organic chemistry bonds, valency, etc. For biology anatomy figures, working of body parts and other aspects of the book. For engineering students, the AR app contains different sections for each branch and subjects like DELD, IoT for CSE and Detailed anatomy of a car for Mech, different circuits, microprocessors, communication visuals for ENTC, etc We will provide specific AR application features/subjects for each school/institute as per their demand for each standard. The pricing will depend on that subject/features institute selects to have in their AR application. We will likewise provide the facility to update the previously developed applications with new subjects or elements as per their desires. Using this AR app, there will be flexibility and personalized learning available for students. It will also provide time and space independence to learn as per user convenience. It provides data Interpretation for the tracking the progress of students by taking tests for students. The students can use this AR application for self-study, the professors can use it to teach the students unorthodoxly, which will generate enhance interest. Also, the parents can use it to take a revision of students. It can be productive in remote places where there are network issues, as this application is fully offline. Using AR in education intensifies the urge of learning in Students.

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