Serving the pilgrim is an honor

It has been always a privilege to know that the population of Muslims is increasing each year (praise to Allah). As a result, the pilgrims willing to perform Hajj are increasing as well. Therefore, the honor of serving them becomes tougher every season. Here, we are contributing in making the pilgrimage easier for them and for those who serve them as well.

You will never lose your way anymore

This app sends a beam of your current location to the sky using Augmented Reality technology so others can find you and verse versa.

DP (Developing Department)

Team of four

  • App developer x2
  • Graphic/Game designer x2

Tools & Props

  • Windows/Mac machines
  • Unity + C# language
  • Xcode (builder)
  • 3D Studio Max (3D production)
  • Adobe Photoshop (graphic design + texturing)
  • Adobe Illustrator (vector design)
  • Keynote (creative presentation)

Surpassed obsticles

Not found yet.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • App logo
  • UI Mockup
  • Prototype (30%)

Learning is eternal

Everyday we learn a new thing. Participating in such event will always make you find people who are better than you and that's the best motive and drive to learning new things.

Never stop evolving

The main function of the app is to prevent the pilgrim from losing their way in their journey. However, more functions can be added to the app such as showing Qibla, locating spots, finding a friend, etc.

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