We wanted to be able to attend hack-a-thons without having to carry external monitors around when working on things like raspberry pi, and this project makes a completely ar monitor a possibility.

What it does

Our application uses a unity plugin to map a vnc web socket client onto a texture map, which is anchored to a simple piece of paper through the tech of vuforia.

How we built it

We used git to track version progress, and referenced a multitude of tutorials online.

Challenges we ran into

ARCore and GoogleVR turned out to have runtime conflicts when operating at the same time, that shifted our anchor placements. We had to switch to Vuforia at the last couple hours in order to maintain stable tracking.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was our first hack-a-thon, and for being able to learn so many diverse kinds of technologies together on a team of only two, we think we got a lot done in a short amount of time! Neither of us had any experience in AR, Unity, noVNC, or C#

What we learned

How to communicate while developing in a team, make better use of version control, create projects that span across multiple frameworks and build for multiple devices, and have fun while hacking.

What's next for AR External Monitor

We'd love to write scripts so that automation of setup is a bit smoother for a user, and develop for better devices that can handle the processing power of AR in real time.

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