AR Community Garden creates more resilient individuals, groups, and communities by using a mobile AR app created with Unity + Vuforia which highlights urban edible and medicinal plants. Participants use AR to actively plant seeds and pollinate plants with an interactive AR Bee.

Creating AR Community Garden at MIT Hacker Community was an opportunity for connection. Almost 100 people participated in drawing in the Dandelion Patch. Dandelions provide edible and medicinal properties but people use poison to kill them. Like dandelions, Hackers are also outliers but can save the world! People loved participating in this utopian change experience. Out team believes when people draw together, they draw together for a better world.

We learned new software, how to be more inclusive, listening skills, and project management. But most of all learned to use our hearts as a guiding force in discussing community resiliency and using creative technology to crea=t more empathetic cities. Smart cities that are not heart and human centered are not smart enough without resilience, inclusion, participation, and love.

Some challenges included syncing software, limiting ideas to the most successful project outcome, and providing more opportunities for the Hackers to draw in the garden -- people loved participating. In the future I would include

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