We knew we wanted to make a product revolving around AR, but with what application for the user? Game design has been a subject the team has been interested in, with a focus on VR and AR, so we decided to make an interactive AR card game. Groupon's tech talk also inspired us to add a little flare to the game design by incorporating SpaceCat at an appropriate but comical level.

What it does

After starting up your Google Cardboard, you look at the designated board and watch as the opponents appear on the mat, ready to duel. With the motion of your hand and a magnetic toggle on the side of your Google Cardboard, you, the player, are able to cycle through a set of different types of attacks against your opponent by hovering your hand over an attack button. After each attack, the turn transfers to the opponent. This all may seem like too simple a game, but with the right card, you can wreak havoc upon your opponent in an ultimate finale of mayhem and destruction.

How I built it

The team utilized Unity for animations and creating the 3D world. With the Vuforia package, we were able to create trackers for the mat and different sections on the mat for the opponents to appear over. We then scripted the actions the opponents would make using C#, and then built and ran what we had using the Android SDK and put our Android smartphones into our Google Cardboards to live the Cattack! experience.

Challenges I ran into

For most of the team, WildHacks was the first time we used Unity. Plus, this was our first hackathon for most people on the team. We had to learn how to deal with the amount of work while balancing sleep.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Utilizing Unity was a bit of a learning curve: with half-hour tutorials and countless mistakes, we learned a great deal in a short amount of time and were able to build a MVP which we were happy to call our own. We also worked extremely hard with barely any sleep, if any, throughout the night. We're proud of that itself.

What I learned

The team learned a great deal about Unity and 3D modeling, as well as AR tracking. Getting our hands dirty with Unity helped us bring a unique game to the table and implement a lot of custom and fun animations in the attack functions we use.

What's next for AR Cattack!

We'll want to continue to develop the card system for the game so that different opponents can be swapped in and out. We'd also want to spruce things up a bit and make things a little prettier! Multi-player mode is something we have on the backlog as well.

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