We wanted to create something different and unique, something that would challenge us and push us to learn something new. With NewHacks being a hardware oriented hackathon, we wanted to integrate both hardware and software into our project. This led us to use the Arduino platform along with Unity, which we had basic familiarity with. Since we wanted to expand our knowledge further and create something that would push us to our limits, we decided to take a risk and work with augmented reality. The outcome is an AR, kid-friendly game, where the user uses intuitive and immersive controls to move 3D geometric shapes around and place them in the correct place. The user is able to move their device around to view the map from different angles, interacting with it as if it was in the real world using sensors that reflect inputs such as hand movements and hand clenching moments into the game. The possibilities for extensions are endless and we are excited to see what more we can create using the same style.

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