Selling something has become a painstakingly long task - from transferring photos to finding the right price, the idea of doing all that puts off new sellers from eBay.

That is, until AR-Bay.

What it does

AR-Bay allows users to simply walk around their house, and tap on the items they feel they need to get sell, and instantly get an estimated valuation through the eBay APIs and ML Object Classification in 3D AR Space and automatically list all the items in eBay with their pictures when they are done.

How I built it

Built using the eBay API, Apple's ARKit, the power of Google Cloud Compute, Google Cloud Vision APIs, and more.

Challenges I ran into

Interacting between the multiple APIs to create a cohesive user experience all in AR was the hardest part. Time constraints were a huge issue as well.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Had never used Swift before, and am fairly happy about the outcome as a first-time ios project.

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