Myself(David), Dan, and Phil all enjoy XR Projects. After recently doing some VR work over the summer we decided early on that for this hackathon we wanted to give AR a try. Being game enthusiasts we all enjoy working on games.

What it does

Lets you play a traditional turn based RPG, with a mixed bag of characters but with a modern twist. While playing you can view the battle through your phones camera using AR. This lets you view the battle in real life environments, from any viewing position you wish.

How we built it

Unity was a first choice as we all have some Unity experience. Next was changing the normal unity dev tools to build for Android, as well as hooking our phones to Unity and its debugger. After that we were tasked with learning how to use Google's AR-Kit to create our battle scenes. From there it was a uphill train ride powered by Coffee and Buffalo Wild Wings.

Challenges we ran into

Art. None of us are particularly artistically inclined, so finding how to use 3D models and animations in unity was new territory. Additionally while we all have VR experience AR is a bit of a different beast, even if Google's AR kit provides a lot of useful tools for doing so. Additionally around 6-7am we hit a wall. We were all exhausted, bugs kept piling it up and it was looking uncertain if we would be able to finish the core game loop. After a short rest though we were back on track better than before.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Leaning to use Google's AR Kit. AR is something a lot of new apps are using and big companies are using, like amazon letting you view furniture in AR, IOS letting you measure real distances using AR. We think it's a great technology to say that we've used.

What we learned

Ditto of previous Section

What's next for AR Battles

More! More character. enemies, effects, everything! We have a great start but by adding more we would have a even better experience!

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