1. Inspiration- I have choose the domain of biomedical devices. Because to reduce the rate of death of patients due to human error occurs in hospitals.

2.What it does? - It is an device which is wearable by patients during surgery to record all the data of the patient like temperature, heartbeat, blood pressure and continuously transmit the data to the doctor. The doctor can see all those data in the Augmented Reality glass whenever required.

3.How I built it?- It is built by using Augmented Reality technology with an hardware to make the operating environment of the surgeons comfortable.

  1. Challenges I ran into - Initially I ran a challenge with coding to make an Augmented Reality glass. Later on I got the output on clearing the errors.

  2. Accomplishments that I'm proud of , that I solve the real world problems faced by the doctors in hospitals.

6.What I learned? - I have learnt how to do an project and how to manage a project in all terms.

  1. What's next for AR based Health Caring System? - After developing a product , I decided to start an startup to launch my product in the market with a perfect team.
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