Have you ever walked into a museum and not known where to start? You’re looking at a portrait and you know the work is beautiful, but you don’t know who the subject is or why this painting exists. Wouldn’t it be nice to learn something beyond the title and artist? Well, Dina can assist you. D.I.N.A Personal Aesthete is an augmented reality app that helps guests connect to artwork on a more personal level by providing fun and interesting context behind the artworks and their artists. Dina has a deep appreciation for artwork and she wants to share it with you. Our rainbow-haired tour guide can tell you the Details behind a work, the Inspiration the piece, the Narrative of how it was made, and facts about the Area where the work is from and/or represents. Just point her at the exhibits on display and let her do the rest. Exhibit facts come up pop-video style, easily digestible and memorable morsels of information.

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