I was inspired by the Google challenge as well as the Introduction to Mobile AR Development with Unity panel. I've previously been interested in the concept of making AR apps for educational purposes.

What it does-

Currently, it can receive Cloud Messages from Firebase and can report its Analytics back. It also utilizes an Android phone's back camera and (sometimes) displays the feature points.

How I built it-

I utilized Unity's AR Foundations and ARCore packages to lay down the base for the app. I then went through and connected it to a Firebase project, using packages and tutorials provided by Google.

Challenges I ran into-

The biggest one was the problem with the feature points and plane detection. Part of this was due to trying to use other packages which I was not familiar with, and I probably would have benefited from trying to do this in a team.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of-

I'm proud of the fact that I managed to make something that not only runs on an Android device, but also is connected to an outside program.

What I learned-

I learned that I should probably make a decision on what I want to do a lot quicker than I did. Doing so would have given me more time to come up with solutions to the problems I encountered. It would've also allowed me to group up with someone who was also interested in a similar idea. I also learned that implementing AR was significantly easier than I thought- but it still requires a lot of work to get it to work correctly.

What's next for AR App with Firebase-

Determining what type of application the AR app will have, and adapting program's functionality with Firebase. The goal is it to be more of an educational app than a game.

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