(AR/APM) Augmented Reality- Antipersonnel mines

Colombia has endured the longest-running internal conflict in the Western Hemisphere. For over forty years, a triangulated war between guerrillas, paramilitaries and government forces has resulted in a devastating loss of life. In the last 20 years an estimated 70,000 civilians have been killed. More than 3 million have fled the violence, making Colombia home to the second largest internally displaced population in the world.

Anti-personnel mines” which means a mine designed to be exploded by the presence, proximity or contact of a person and that should have the potential to explode incapacitate, injure and / or kill one or more persons, is one of the strategies of that armed groups have used in war.

Colombia is the #2 country in the world in reported mines casualties, just behind Afganistan, with 10.839 Victims since 1990 to 2014 (including 4.196 civilians and 6.643 military). Girls, boys, teens, women, indigenous, farmers, workers, soldiers, police and deminers have been injured by Anti-personnel mines in Colombia.

Demining is incredibly dangerous work and people who work in it are always surrounded by dangerous situations, on one hand the risk of being injured by a mine and in the other hand the risk of being working in the middle of an armed conflict. The people who are in land mine removals lives are constantly on the line and any advantage they could have would be very important.

Landmines are definitely trackable and augmented reality technology it is a different way to face this reality. This project is aimed at providing the following tools to deminers:

  1. Identification and location of mines through augmented reality,
  2. To switch off the mine, remove or avoid it (if civilians).
  3. Through the analysis of a database in real time, allowing devices for matching similarities, identify the features and know which type of explosive device is facing.
  4. Record the procedure so that in the future this information will be deminers serve others.

The Epson Moverio BT-200 will provide to the deminers the ability of have their hands free of any device to focus in the serious task of deactivate the landmine, providing them the capacity of mix the real world with the augmented reality elements.

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