My inspiration comes from AniMusic, a computer music animation video from the 2000s that showcased the stunning potential of 3D visualization of MIDI-based music. I want to include my existing musical animation project into AR using GeoSpacial API, allowing user to place animated spectrum in real-world locations and bringing music to life in a whole new way.

What it does

Visualize animated musical notes in Augmented Reality with virtual 3D instrument/ Sculpture. Movement driven by individual musical note data within MIDI file format.

  • User can choose 5 unique musical spectrum and sculpture to place in the world.
  • User can playback included sample file or choose their own midi folder for playback.
  • Files in the folder are played back in sequence like a jukebox - with song skip function.

How it's build

I built the app using Unity 3D game engine. I used "Pocket Garden" demo app as a reference for UI and ARCore Geospatial API. Created custom graphics and 3D models for skinning. For the animated music I created customized procedural animation in C#. To enhance the functionality of the app, I used additional libraries such as "CsharpSynth" for MIDI audio playback, "Simple Spectrum" for visuals, and "Simple File Browser" for file selection.

Challenges I ran into

Longer iteration time for app testing with geospatial function, requiring a device build and a proper outdoor location with sufficient lighting condition. I often needs to disable location functions for quicker test iteration indoor.

What's next for AR Animusic Synthwave

Maybe adding more customizable visual spectrum - variation in color, size, arrangement. etc.

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