I believe that the most widely used technology today is a phone. Augmented reality support on android phones has opened the world to new experiences such as Pokemon Go. The AR technology that is recently being shown to the world is an AR Portal, thanks to applications like Harry Potter AR. I believe that viewing a realistic version of the location people are traveling to or have traveled to will get them to visit or visit again. This is why I built an application that allows users to visualize a complete 360 environment just with a link to an image or a video.

What it does

Using a link to an image or a video, the application generates a portal, which users can enter and see the generated environment.

How I built it

Using ARCore, I set up the AR components of this application. Then, using WWW requests available in Unity, I built a get request that changes the material of the sphere into the texture generated from an image or a video.

Challenges I ran into

Plane detection was the hardest challenge I had to overcome. It had to be in bright light and on a flat surface...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to pull from an already available database to change the portal's image or video.

What I learned

How to pull images and other data from a database and use it in Unity.

What's next for AR 360 Visualizer

Better plane detection, a wider range of links.

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