It was noted that there were a lot of apis available for where the resources for all of these rain and storm water projects are collected, but there hasn't been much if any movement to make it easily accessible to the public.

What it does

It allows people in Philadelphia to search for projects, usages and the actual location of clean storm and rain water. This will allow them to easily search for these things and will hopefully lead to more green projects taking root Philly.

How we built it

Using Android studio and Eclipse, various classes were created in order to consume different apis and csvs. They were then put together in order to make what we have.

Challenges we ran into

Api keys and there were some unexpected bugs dealing with Double parsers from an assets manager.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Able to consume multiple apis as well as CSVs. The UI also has a lot of custom elements that were put together by our designer and it is also an area that we feel can really benefit the Philadelphia community.

What we learned

There are many different aspects that come into play while coding an app and all should be taken with equal severity. Also, just because one person has experience in a certain area doesn't mean that they are useless for other features.

What's next for AquiPhilly

Seeking more opportunities to propagate this data as well as advancing the UI and amount of data that can be handled by the application.

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