With quarantine and COVID-19 many of us were forced to go to an online setting for work or school. As a result, people are now more tied to their electronics more than ever. This can easily lead to people forgetting to do something so simple yet so important. Drinking water! We wanted to make a app that would send us daily remainders to drink water during our days.

What it does

The app sends a notification reminding the user to drink water at a time interval that they choose. For every 30 minutes or 1 hour, the app will send a notification reminding the user to drink water. Each time the user drinks water, a streak is added which keeps track of how many times they drink water. The app can also recommend a certain amount of water if the user chooses to enter their weight. Not only does the app remind the user to drink water, there is also a built in calendar feature with a simple diary/goal entry system. Users can enter goals/reminders to drink their recommended amount of water or set their own personal entries.

How we built it

We used Android Studio and Github to develop the entire app. The main languages we used were Kotlin and a little bit of Java. Android studio allowed us to code, test, and develop the app. Github allowed all of our team members to share and code together.

Challenges we ran into

Hardware. Some of our personal devices ran rather slowly because running emulators can be rather demanding. Coding and testing was an incredibly slow process because of this. Not only that, our group had no experience working with Android Studio or Kotlin. Planning was another difficulty that we faced because this was our first ever hackathon that we finished successfully. One of our group members could not make it to work together in person, so we worked together online which also makes it slightly difficult to communicate.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that we were able to successfully develop and fully functional app with no prior experience. Not only that, the aesthetic and look of the app is another thing that we are proud of since all of it is hand drawn.

What we learned

We learned how to develop and make an android app. We extensively learned a new language Kotlin, and we also learned the importance of planning. Putting more effort into working together and communicating was also another important factor because of the physical distance.

What's next for Aquativity

We'd like to add more features to the calendar part of the app, allowing the user to add entries/goals for certain specific days. We'd also like to allow the user to choose what time intervals they would like to get remainders other then choosing the fixed intervals. Having automatic notifications is also a must, with ambient music when the app was opened. More graphical things / animations to make the app more calming and aesthetically pleasing would also be nice.

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