Problem Statement

There is a clear lack of an easily accessible resource that can educate and inform the pubic about fishing and fish farming in Zambia.

Regulatory bodies struggle to provide adequate information concerning fishing and aquaculture and the various laws, permits, certifications and regulations involved.

Efforts to mitigate this are few and far between. Some private institutions hold training sessions from time to time but the reach is quite limited.

Unemployment is high, malnutrition levels are high and food security is poor in Zambia yet aquaculture factors in poorly in these issues.

Solution Statement

Aquaculture and fishing information and resources should be made easily available through technology and innovation. Aquaschool is an educational tool that will provide (for a start) the following information:

A step by step "how to" manual on starting your own fish farm Safety tips Correct and incorrect ways to handle fish All the apparatus and gear required Where to source equipment and expert services Improve the standards of aquaculture Legislative and regulatory information

The tool will work on web browsers (both desktop and mobile) and on android devices running Jellybean (android version 4.1) or higher. This means that anyone with an internet connection or android device can access this tool.

How it works

Content is uploaded in the following way:

All the main menu items are created and cannot be edited. A topic is uploaded to a particular menu item. Then an article is created for that topic.

After the content is uploaded, the user will navigate the information as the attached image file shows.

The main menu remains accessible on the left of the web browser window for web access and by swiping inward from the left edge of the mobile device for android access.

What resources are needed

Access to app stores for the mobile app. A domain and hosting for the website. More aquaculture and fishing related resources for the course content Collaboration with the two Aquaverse and applications will greatly enhance the Aquaschool tool. Aquaverse will give us a comprehensive list of fishing and aquacultural equipment suppliers and experts for the Aquaschool user to access any other resources they may need. will allow feature phone users to access the Aquaschool content via any mobile phone and also to easily upload any information when needed.


Making the application available on app stores.

Uploading the website and advertising it adequately especially on social media.

In the future, incorporating the Aquaschool tool into the public education system.


This tool will provide alternative sources of income for many households in Zambia. Aquaculture can be done in the backyard of many homes and does not need much capital investment. Aquaschool can be used to start a fish farm by those who are unemployed Regulatory bodies will increase their reach Nutrition and food security will be improved Safety on fish farms and in capture fishing will be improved

Aquaschool team members

Gilbert Sibajene - Lead Developer Linda Shaciinda - Developer Alex Choompo - Fish expert Watson Pasipamire - Fish expert Caroline Kalunga - Fish expert Anthony Haankwenda - Consultant

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