We realize people often understand the importance of water conservation efforts, but have no way to scale the problem down to apply to themselves. Aquality transforms a global issue and breaks the problem down to the level of an everyday individual. Aquality educates the general public on their own water usage

Water conservation: one drop at a time

To solve this, we’ve created Aquality, a web application that allows users to answer a series of curated questions, and then interact with their results in IBM’s Cognos Dashboard. Our application is for people who have access to clean water in the U.S. This is also for people who want to learn more about

  • the country’s water usage
  • their own water usage
  • and how they can reduce their water consumption

What it does

Aquality allows users to answer a series of questions to gauge their daily water usage visualizes data from the quiz.

How I built it

Celyna: I did the design and built the website. I utilized Figma for the design, then coded it using CSS & HTML locally on Visual Studio Code before pushing onto Github.

Janine: Interfaced with multiple iterations of IBM's Dashboard Tool in initialization, builds, and deployment.

Challenges I ran into

Celyna: I had some problems with image resizing, web fonts, and horizontal scrolling.

Janine: When learning how to use IBM's provided demonstration of the embedded dashboard, the application would build properly but could not deploy. Thanks to the help of Derek, an IBM representative, we were able to resolve the issue and successfully deploy the application. When creating a new IBM Watson project to use the dashboard in, the Watson editor would completely stop responding. I tried multiple possible fixes, but nothing I found resolved the issue in time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Both of us never used any cloud services before! It took so long for us to figure a lot of things out, but we were able to end with tangible results despite difficulties.

What I learned

How cloud services work, cloud application workflow, UI/UX, Netifly deployment

What's next for Aquality?


Expand to virtual water (do you eat meat?) one pound of beef is 1,799 gallons of water; Social Media presence Increase water conservation efforts for donation

How to roll out the Impact

Storing quiz answers to generate more data to visualize Download results as a graphic that can be posted on social media Use IBM’s secure payment systems

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