A stressful and taxing continuous evaluation methodology presented itself during this global pandemic which inspired us to create a solution to this very problem.

What it does

Project AQUA is a platform that will organize the system of assignments and quizzes conducted by schools/colleges for the continuous evaluation of students. 👩🏫 We provide the following services: 🤖 AI powered Question Generator 🤓 Plagiarism Checker 🔖 Notice Board ☁️ Assignment Upload/Download Portal 🙃 Anti Burden System

How we built it

We used SQuADv1 dataset and and T5 model with highlight preprocessing format. This idea is proposed in the "A Recurrent BERT-based Model for Question Generation" We used TF-IDF to vectorize the documents and then calculated the cosine similarity between them to check for potential plagiarism

Challenges we ran into

Fixing CORS was a big challenge we ran into and setting up a cloud storage pipeline such that it was available to both MongoDB and Azure's Blob Storage

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making an efficient and robust database schema. Building a storage pipeline for file handling. Training an NLP model from scratch.

What we learned

Azure Cognitive Services which allowed us to easily integrate AI-based features into our application.

What's next for AQUA

Replacing existing makeshift solutions to this problem.

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