Are you happy to join a 500 people Teams call ?

We were not.

So we created 3D immersive spaces that allows you to join your digital office replica, talk to your colleagues and launch calls in a natural way. We've developed a Teams application with a new meeting extension and tab Teams tab. Here's a video on how it works : See how it works

Hybrid work is here to stay. However, keeping a distributed workforce aligned and up to date can be a challenge that requires workers to constantly switch between applications and search for the latest information. With Aptero, you can organize your events and meetups in a 3D innovative space. You can in an immersive world in Teams :

  1. Create a collaborative immersive 3D Space environment in Microsoft Teams with Aptero
  2. Organise 3D events, trainings and much more
  3. Create a digital replica of your real life office
  4. Share and access files quickly
  5. Discover how 3D Spaces can organize teambuildings and events virtually

Our tool comes with multiple features :

Aptero Create your 3D avatar directly inside Microsoft Teams

  • An avatar created from your photo
  • Choose your clothes from a wide selection
  • Meet your colleagues in an informal way

Aptero Discover 3D Meetings directly in a Teams meetings

  • The meeting organizer can add the 3D space with a single click
  • Call whoever you want to talk to inside the 3D Space
  • Learn about who is inside the virtual event by clicking on his profile and calling him separately

Aptero Learn in a 3D immersive space in a Tab

  • Join conferences that are happening inside the 3D space tab with a simple click
  • Discover your suppliers factory directly within Microsoft Teams
  • Launch an immersive quiz or Teams functionalities with a 3D space

A question about how to use and Install ? Here's a video we've made for it ! https://youtu.be/0o4CC4k6dZQ

Prizes and how to build

Before building it, we went and asked multiple companies how they would use it. We now have over 15 big companies using Teams that are ready to launch our beta once it's ready !

Challenges we ran into

Over 5 review sessions with Microsoft teams for debugs and improvements, it has been a big challenge to understand the whole Microsoft world.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're finally releasing our app and development after more than 6-7 month of work !

What we learned

All about how Microsoft Teams backend is working, permissions.

Built With

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