Most of us have a hard time finding a place when we move to new places. So we thought of developing something that will solve this problem

It helps people find a new apartment at any place. Especially new students coming to college.

It has a JavaScript back-end(Node.js/express.js) hosted on Google Cloud Platform using services like Cloud SQL, App Engine, Compute Engine. The front end is developed using Xamarin Forms, Firebase and Google Location A.P.I

The biggest challenge we faced was mostly related to server and deployment related issues on G.C.P as we had never used it earlier

We managed to complete the development of the Application in the given 24 hours.

I personally learned more about Dev-Ops and G.C.P. Working under stress and tight deadline was also an interesting part of the journey

We plan to include many more features like chat rooms and AI implementation to get deep insights in ordered to buy or rent the house. Computer vision APIs can we used for a good online tour of the property the user is interested in buying! Google Vision API can also be used to automatically detect landmarks from images of properties uploaded by users

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