Having interned or worked in small medium businesses before, we realized that these businesses spend a lot of time and money on managing their expenses. Even then, research has shown that this process is fraught with fraud and errors. We wanted to help simplify this process for businesses, saving them time to do what they do best.

Wanting to take the headache out of spending by automating and tracking spend allowing small businesses to focus their time instead on growing.

What it does

Apri is a spend management solution that helps businesses simplify and streamline their spending. Through Apri, businesses can issue their employee corporate cards, manage their software as a service subscriptions using virtual cards for each service, issue employee expense reimbursements and pay their invoices.

Almost all the functions will be automated to save businesses time and money. Everytime a employee charges a business expense to their card, they’ll be able to upload the receipt and a memo directly through the app. Businesses will be able to create a virtual card for each SaaS and monitor their subscriptions more effectively. Employees will be able to create expense reimbursements and have it directly deposited to their account and finally they’ll also be able to upload any invoices, have it scanned through OCR, allowing the system to seamlessly pay the invoice after approval.

How we built it

We started with a rough design in Figma We optimized the Figma website design We built a prototype in xcode We tried to build a prototype in android studio We optimized the Figma app design

Challenges we ran into

Short time limit to learn new skills such as ios/android and web development It was for us all the first time attending a hackathon Differing time zones added some obstacles to strategizing as a group We had to figure out different ways to combine our skill sets as we all had knowledge in different areas and prommaning languages

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are on track to have a fully functional website prototype on figma and a basic mobile application that’s user-centered We all learned new skills that we can continue to build upon like U/I design, web/mobile app development and business logic

What we learned

We can get a lot done by working together on a tight deadline There are a lot of testing needed to ensure user-functionality in web/mobile applications as due to many components, things can be left out if not thoroughly tested

APIs Used

We tried to use APIs such as Wallet, and Issuing to incorporate into our full product. Given that we are relative rookies in programming, we tried the APIs out in the sandbox giving us an idea of how it would work. However, we were not able to incorporate it into our ios code given our late start. Our figma app serves as a base on how the final webapp will be and from there one can generalize how the rapyd APIs can be connected and used.

What's next for Apri

A fully functional mobile/web application in prototype/demo form for small local businesses in order to gather data to see what works and can be improved upon with Apri. This will be done using Rapyd's APIs.

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