These days you get pizza delivered within half an hour and a cab appears within minutes, but the Police always arrives well after the crime has happened, that too if one is lucky. Our App enables user (victim or witness) to report the crime in real time to the nearest PCR van/Police station. Thus making the police aware of the crime asap, and provide them the exact location of the crime, so that they can take necessary action in no time. The USP of the App is that it works irrespective of presence of internet connection, thus empowering every Indian to connect to police immediately. This feature makes it synonymous to the theme of "Connecting a disconnected India" by enabling each and every citizen to connect to police in real time.

What it does

The victim/witness of crime can report the crime in just 3 clicks, this raises an alarm in the device of the nearest PCR Van/Police Station. The Police now knows the exact location and nature of crime(if user enters so), and can reach the location of crime within no time.

How I built it

The Android App for the user is a native android app, built using Java and Google Maps API, and other libraries. We made PHP APIs to fetch and store the data generated by the user, to a server. We're using LAMP architecture here. Now from this server the data is pushed to a portal/app for the police. When this entire workflow takes place without internet connection, the exotel sms apis come in action.

Challenges I ran into

Making sure the app works perfectly without internet connection, is a challenge we're working on.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Real time update of the data from victim's app to police's portal

What I learned

making app work without internet connection, by utilizing power of exotel apis

What's next for Apraadh App (Crime Connect)

We'll make sure that the police actually takes action on the reports by making them more accountable.

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