The Problem:

Home appliances are one of the major fire out break courses in anywhere in the world and cost lost of lifes and properties. The major course is unstable power supply.


In the midst of an unsecured society and unstable power supply, there is need for every citizen to have peace and rest of mind about the state of his home, office and the appliances installated. Hence, this project - AppTeria

Our Solution:

So our solution will monitor user entire home when no one is home or office it automatically switch all electrical appliances off and also these appliances can be controlled from user mobile phone.

What it does

This solution, an app, works as a reliable appliances monitoring app. It helps in real-time monitoring of appliances installed in any building, be it homes/residential, offices, schools, churches, mosques, shops, etc. It helps to turn on and off appliances, helps in maximizing resources in the sense that it turns off any appliance that is not in use or not been used after a specific time of not been used or staying idle.


To the user, we can simply the following as some of the benefits of our product/solution.

  • Saves time in managing and monitoring electrical appliances in the home.
  • Saves cost of running and maintaining electricity
  • Secures and satisfies users of optimum security while using electrical appliances, etc.

How we built it

We built this solution with use of some specific technologies such as, Arduino, sim800L GSM module, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, BOOTSTRAP & SCSS. We employed Arduino & sim800L for the IOT programming aspect; then HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, BOOTSTRAP & SCSS are for the Front-end development/UI design; while for the back-end development we utilized PHP. We graciously accomplished with the help of our team made up of two front-end developers, a back-end developer and an IOT developer.

Challenges we ran into

One major challenge we ran into as related to the development of this project is the aspect when the solution will be able to turn off appliances off automatically. Our IOT developer found some difficulty in doing this, but thanks to our mentor, who as at the time of writing this information, is still working hard on how better to guide us on how to get this done. Though, we are been tempted to remove that feature from our solution, we are still pressing and making more research to see how we can achieve this.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

The fact that our solution works and will be able to help at least a citizen of this world.

What we learned

One thing we learn as a team, is this fact about the powerful impact of unity and team work, it's incredibly wonderful.

What's next for AppTeria

Yes, our next step for AppTeria after Naijahacks 2019 will be to build our premium plans which will help us in monetizing our product. Also, we will want to make it cross-platform.

Our Team

We are Team Brainers Creator. We are a team of tech savy guys, who are passionate and ethusaitic about employing and maximizing the potentials of modern technology to solve life-threatnen security issues. We actually came to concession as to form this team, just as we were driven by Africa's biggest hackaton; NaijaHacks! And for this, we join the 2019 edition of this hackaton from where form this team. We are very optimistic about deploying the power of modern technology to promote citizen safety, and that's our driving force.

Team Members

Our team is made up of four members, viz are: Goddy Amaka - Front-end Developer Ahmed Mohammed - Back-end Developer God'spower Alo - Front-end Developer Stephen Solomon - IOT & Front-end Developer

Our Mentor

We also have an amiable mentor who is the person of: Amujo Oluwasomidotun.


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