As an Office 365 customer, we have got several productivity and collaboration tools like Groups, Teams, Planner etc to drive our business. Microsoft has designed these tools keeping in mind to help SMB business owners to take care of their business themselves. Even though Microsoft provides such a wonderful toolset, as a business owner, we find difficult to deal with day-to-day support / sales tickets and define internal process as the tasks related to it span across different Office 365 Groups.

We understand that Planner is built with the mindset of people collaborating within a Group/Plan. When we need to create/assign a task for another Group/Plan which we are not a member of, Email is the only way.

As a SharePoint user, we know how to use SharePoint in most of the scenario we talk about, but it is painful for a Business owner to customize SharePoint to match his business needs as IT is governed by business owners in a majority of SMBs.

So we realized the value of connecting the dots in Office 365 and make Office 365 even more productive. This is how the idea of Office 365 Cards evolved. Office 365 Cards empowers you to gather, organize, collaborate and view all related information as List & Cards.

What it does

In Office 365 Cards, we can organise cards in a list. The card can be anything like a ticket, task, deal, account or contact. Users can customize and create list with any card type. A list can be created for a Office365 Group, through which business processes will flow into the group.

The list can be shared by providing fine grained permissions to manage the card access, which provides an easy way to collaborate with other Office 365 Group which we are not a member of.

Fine grainded permissions

The sharing permissions of list includes

  • Create cards
  • Edit/View/Delete/Comment on all cards
  • Edit/View/Delete/Comment on his/her own cards

Office 365 Cards integration via Outlook and Web interface

  • Outlook Tasks
  • Calendar Event (Personal / Group)
  • Files (OneDrive / SharePoint Online)
  • Office 365 Groups Conversation - We can link conversations from any Office 365 Groups.
  • Planner Tasks
  • SharePoint Tasks
  • Teams
  • Attach an Email
  • Link another Office 365 Card

We can tag, follow and pin any cards.

How I built it

We have used Office AddIn, Microsoft Graph API for Groups,Outlook,Planner,SharePoint and Teams to integrate Outlook, Office 365 Groups conversation, Planner/SPO/Outlook Tasks, Teams.

What's next for Office 365 Cards

  • Excel,PowerPoint,Word Add-ins to show document's related card information
  • Chrome,Edge and Firefox Extensions to show website's related card information
  • Support activity logs in the board
  • Support quick actions from the board such as
    • Send email template
    • Send approval request

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