As Microsoft evolves, they build different task management systems, from Outlook tasks, SharePoint Tasks, MS Project, MS Planner. Depend on the project complexity the choice varies. Microsoft Planner is very popular due to its simplicity. Even though Microsoft provides such a nice option, we see users starts asking for more features. The people who used to live in Outlook maintain all their tasks/calendar in Outlook irrespective of the system it comes from and they expect deeper integration and seamless experience from Outlook itself. At this point, we fall in love with Planner and started working for good Planner Outlook integration and bridging between different task management systems.

What it does

To improve the productivity of the users, we have done the following

  • Outlook Task - Planner Integration
  • Calendar - Planner Integration
  • Email - Planner Integration
  • Email - SharePoint Task Integration
  • Outlook – SharePoint - Planner Task Integration
  • Planner Extension
  • Planner Task Management

Outlook Task - Planner Integration

Hard core Outlook Desktop users expect to have their Personal and Professional tasks in Outlook for easy management. Using Apps4.Pro, users can manage Planner tasks from Outlook and this avoids the unnecessary navigation between browser and Outlook.

Calendar - Planner Integration

With this integration users able to view the due dates of all tasks assigned to them from Calendar. This helps them to avoid overlapping of tasks. Edit Planner tasks from calendar is supported.

Email Planner/SPO Integration

Convert your email to Planner or SharePoint Task. During this action, the email is attached and linked to the task. So, when you look for an email, you can view its associated tasks. And from Planner / SharePoint Tasks you can find its related emails.

Outlook/SharePoint/Planner Task Integration

With Apps4.Pro a user can view all his assigned tasks in a single window. It can be an Outlook task, SharePoint task or Planner task. The integration is seamless and the user don't have to think about the system where it comes from. This improves productivity by cutting time on making users not to navigate to different systems.

Planner Extension

We have extended Office 365 Planner to include user defined custom fields. These fields can be of type Text, Multi-line, User, Date or Option list. Typical use of this fields are adding Task Priority (option list), Task Approver (User) etc.

Planner Task Management

We have provided the following Planner task management capabilities

  • Export/Import Planner tasks - This is useful for migration and to maintain set of tasks as template for creating new plans.
  • Filter or group the Planner tasks by different fields like Status, Assigned To, Created By, Start/Due date, etc.

How I built it

We have an Office 365 AddIn to integrate Planner and SPO Tasks. And this uses Graph API for communication.

We have an Outlook VSTO to extend Planner and provide tighter integration with Outlook Tasks & Outlook Calendar.

What's next for Apps4.Pro

  • Backup / Restore the plans in Planner including the attachments and conversations
  • Copy / Move / Repeat tasks in Plan
  • Link dependent tasks. Based on dependent tasks, automatic calculation of Due Date

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