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What it does

Dropbox for apps. Apps-in-Browser.js runs applications in your browser through an operating system written in Javascript. You can then share the same instance of that app with a unique URL and have your friend start off where you left off.

How I built it

The operating system is based on the open source OS.js project. We implemented a noVNC client to stream content to your browser window and simulate the feel of a real desktop application.

Challenges I ran into

The challenging part was understanding the VNC protocol and hacking it to work with the browser and a contained program (since we didn't want to spawn a bunch of VMs for 10 different applications).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're glad to have pulled it through even though the majority of the project was spent on the small details, and we almost gave up multiple times throughout the night.

What I learned

The smallest problems are often the most frustrating.

What's next for Apps-in-Browser.js

Game Devs

Making it into a service (and open sourcing it). This would be useful to run portable versions of a sandboxed game that a dev wants to put out. This way people don't have to install the game to play a demo version.

Software Devs

Another useful feature would be building a Sublime Text/ iTerm clone using web technologies so that you could send your team instances of your code and work off the same desktop environment.

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