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There were a few people in the Monday forums wanting to set up approval flows in Monday. And specifically being able to assign the approvals to someone other than the owner of the item. I have also seen approval add-ons for other project management tools do well so this seemed like something people would want to use.

What it does

Adds an Item View where people can add approvals. Approvals can be assigned to any member of the board. That member can then approve or reject the approval. We don't allow anyone other than the assignee of the approval to approve it, and we respect the board permissions when deciding who can create and delete approvals.

How I built it

I took your quick start project (thanks for that!) and went from there. I tried to see what a sensible MVP of this would be based on what people were requesting in the forums, and what I had seen for approval apps for other project management tools.

Challenges I ran into

I am not a great frontend developer, so this stuff is always challenging

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It looks pretty good I think, and feels like it fits in with how Monday looks. I also like that it ties into the Monday notifications and updates mechanism rather than re-inventing that itself. I also like that I managed to keep the scope sensible, this is I think something people could use and get value from right now. And I can then expand the functionality based on their feedback in future.

All data is stored in Monday, so there is no server code and it should scale very efficiently.

What I learned

Monday has some nice features for developers looking to build on their platform.

What's next for Approvals

See how people use it and what more it needs to do. There are a few things I could imagine people wanting but didn't want to presume they would need and potentially end up needlessly complicating the product. Things such as

  • Prompt for a comment when rejecting an approval
  • Send a notification if an approval is rejected to the item owner
  • Allow people to name approvals
  • Some way to view all your approvals in one place
  • Automations to generate approvals based on board activity
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