To try and simplify the process of changing addresses when moving. On a more generic note, being able to update your personal information on multiple websites through a simplified workflow.

What it does

The website was intended to connect users to their subscriptions through APIs for each of their subscriptions.

How I built it

The website was built with Wix Code. Users would create a profile on this webpage that would link their account, and add any subscriptions they had. The goal was to secure each user's information history through a distributed (and encrypted) ledger, to allow for decentralization and high security. The website, ledger and subscription APIs were to be all connected through Google Cloud.

Challenges I ran into

Numerous technical challenges had to be overcome such as creating the Google Cloud functions and linking the Wix profile to that user's services.

On a more fundamental level, the group formation and inconsistency also caused problems as members left the team during the hackathon, reducing how far this project could progress

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to work on the project on my own at the end, and getting the Wix website connected to Google Cloud and at least 1 subscription service.

What I learned

How Google Cloud works and their Cloud functions. Wix Code was also explored through this project

What's next for Apprise

Ideally, getting all the different parts of the project together, and working on the Blockchain aspect of the hack

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