We noticed the number of harassments targeted towards women such as sexual assaults and kidnappings that do not receive coverage in the media. To address this issue, we created a website with an interactive map that highlights the frequency of violence or offences in the Greater Vancouver area so that they can avoid these regions and inform others of areas of high alert.

What it does

There are 5 navigation menu options: Home, Mission, Resources, Interactive Map, and Submit A Tip. Home identifies our goal with the website. Mission explains our objective as a team and introduces our team members. The resources tab includes the incident bulletin where the submissions from Submit A Tip are shared, along with articles that women can refer to when they feel unsafe and useful apps that help women feel safe. The interactive map provides a general idea on where incidents occur the most frequently so that others can avoid those locations at high alert. Finally, the Submit A Tip form allows victims or witnesses to alert others and share their experiences in a particular region.

How we built it

We built our website with HTML and CSS on Visual Studio Code, interactive map on R, and the prototype on Figma. We used several tutorials to guide our code but personalized them to integrate them into our project.

Challenges we ran into

The interactive map was the most difficult part of the project. It was difficult to find relevant data with locations and time in Vancouver, especially separated by gender.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud of integrating our interactive map into the project and piecing all three resources (R, Figma, and HTML) onto one project.

What we learned

Yeojun: I was new to HTML and CSS, and with this hackathon, I was able to solidify my skills in web development and formatting. Ashley: I learned how to use RStudio and code in R, which was previously a language I didn't know that well. Grace: I solidified my knowledge on how to prototype in Figma.

What's next for APPRISE

We will continue to build on this project to focus on data more relevant to women and British Columbia, and add time periods when violence occurs the most. ff

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