Inspiration: As students who are starting to look for internships and research opportunities, we are really nervous about the interview aspect of this process. We wanted to help beginners in the world of Interviewing.

What it does: Conducts a mock interview with behavioral and technical questions.

How I built it: Using java, we created the program.

Challenges I ran into: we wanted to have a database of users but none of us knew how to make one.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of we set many goals, and we achieved each one and set another one. We were able to complete most of our vision for this hackathon.

What I learned: We learned how to read and write to a file in java. As well as, teamwork, time management, and persistence.

What's next for APPrentice: We would like to build this program more and add a GUI to it. Eventually, we want to connect it to Handshake so the interview questions are more personal and specific to your field, and jobs you have applied for.

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