Apprentice: Machine Learning, trained for humans

Machine learning is a hot topic--everybody wants to use it in their startups and research projects; however, many people don't know how or where to start. We've streamlined the learning process into an easy-to-use sandbox to facilitate the machine learning experimentation process. Users can play around with machine learning tools with a simple click.

What's next for Apprentice

Apprentice makes accessible an array of classification and regression tools. We plan to incorporate a wider variety of machine learning models; we will expand our machine learning playground to include preprocessing, feature selection, and clustering. In addition, we plan to allow users to experiment with our premade models. By allowing them to train the premade models with their own inputs, users will more deeply understand the mechanisms of machine learning. Finally, we plan to develop visualization tools for users to intuitively understand the seemingly esoteric nature of machine learning. We can allow, for instance, users to select various sets of data and display a chart detailing how the model changed, or how the model learns over time. We could also display differences between various machine learning models -- the possibilities are endless, and with Apprentice we hope to capture them all.

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