Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Manufacturing, with its strict regulations, creates unique demands for deskless workers. The million dollar losses if a batch fails, the inability to out-engineer human error, and the potential of the technology inspired us to develop the Apprentice Field Suite - a trio of applications exclusively for the Epson Moverio.

GAUGE provides essential data for an industry dependent on consistent risk management, audit-readiness, and safety. It uses computer vision to automatically read and save analog gauge values, augmented reality to show which bioreactor is still in operation before you attempt to clean the vessel, and photo/video for self-reporting of unsafe conditions.


MANUALS is a process and workflow aid that acknowledges that not everyone is an expert – but often they need to be. The app integrates with Myo to provide hands-free access to the latest Standard Operating Procedure, Batch Record, Energy Control Plan, or Job Plan. Each workflow can be either a fully animated step-by-step AR overlay, or simply a list of text-based procedures.


TANDEM provides a sophisticated troubleshooting interface. A remote engineer becomes a telepresence, able to pinpoint process issues for on-the-floor operators by ‘seeing what operators see’, and drawing on their field of vision in real-time. Engineers can also use the app on their own to bring graphs, historical process data and P&ID’s in the manufacturing suite for troubleshooting.


AFS, through TANDEM, MANUALS and GAUGE, bridges where the industry can be – in terms of safety, productivity, and accountability – to where the cancer patient needs it to be.

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