Inspiration - One of the members in our group is a future premed student, and in order to incorporate medicine with coding, we went with this idea.

What it does - AppMD provides tests to its clients to determine if they are at risk of having certain medical disorders.

How we built it - We used the Atom IDE along with Javascript. Being our first time using Javascript, we had to take help from W3Schools. Additionally, we did research on the different disorders. We also used the .tech domain and hosting from Github to manage our website.

Challenges we ran into - We had to deal with learning Javascript to include all of our algorithms and functions. It was particularly strenuous to think of the idea. In fact, we took about 8 hours to just think of a preliminary idea that we could branch from. Additionally, it was really difficult to host the website once we got a domain from .tech. It was also hard to figure out how to edit the videos and work with a Mac because it was our first time doing so.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - We are very proud of being able to learn how to use Macs and how to use Javascript and come up with a working and even aesthetically pleasing product in the end. More specifically, we are proud of finding the average of the skin color, and also finding which level from Felix Von Luschan's chromatic scale applied to the sample we had. We are also proud of learning how to host and forward our domain to make it work exactly how we wanted.

What we learned - We definitely learned a lot from not only our project, but also all of HSHacks. This was our first official hackathon, and it was certainly an unforgettable experience. We learned how to use Macs, and we also learned the basics of Javascript.

What's next for AppMD - the AppMD team has many more ideas and tests that they will absolutely aggregate to our current batch of questions. We will continue improving the current questions as well.

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