Talk to any STEM co-op student and they'll tell you they applied to hundreds of jobs before hearing back. There are over 1.6 million University students, 56% who seek co-ops or internships. That is 860,000 jobs, not including any New Graduates. In fact, New Graduates apply to 23 jobs before securing work.

Sounds a little hard to keep track of, huh?

ApplyDB offers a two part solution to this problem:

  • Template resumes to optimally create catered resumes for each company you apply to
  • Keep track of all the job applications you have submitted.

Our project consists of:

  • Demo product landing page
  • Browser Extension
  • Database of jobs applied to

We built ApplyDB with the following technologies:

  • Bootstrap 4

Challenges we ran into while building ApplyDB:

  • Biological requirement of sleep
  • Dealing with errors unique to developing browser extensions
  • Front-end: Toggling tabs to display different content within the extension
  • Back-end: Vanilla JS

What we're proud of:

  • The front end, this website and extension look clean!
  • The Back end: Vanilla JS, scraping and submission
  • Creating a chrome extension, something usually not seen in Hackathons!
  • Grinding past our problems and finishing our MVP!

What we learned:

  • Front-end: React is the way to go
  • Back-end: google chrome extensions, how to make the page and the extension communicate
  • How to use the branch merging functionality of github and resolve conflicts

What's next for ApplyDB:

  • Optimizing the code base
  • Partnering with co-op offices and career centers at Universities to launch this product for students and collect feedback
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