Looking for events at Lollapalooza 2012? A Chow Town experience? Or how about connecting with the artists and history of Lollapalooza?

Simply download AppLolla for iOS AND Android to search for events to go to, places to eat, shop, drink and play!

Lollapalooza is full of fantastic things to see and do. Lollapalooza is infused with the incredible energy of fans and the artists that rock them, AppLolla creates a unique community that will connect the thousands of excited visitors in 2012!

Whether you are coming to Lollapallooza for a particular event or just want to soak it all in, AppLolla for iOS AND Android would like to help.

FEATURES: ★ Search for Lollapalooza Events ★ Find popular Chow Town locations ★ Browse ‘Likes’ and ‘Comments’ on events and venues ★ Check out this year's artist list (Be ready to shake your phone) ★ Check out what you should 'Experience' at Lollapalooza ★ Share on Facebook and Twitter ★ Create a Planner of Events for your experience at Lollapalooza ★ Directions and information ★ Connect with us through our blog, facebook, twitter, flikr and more!

AppLolla will enhance your experience at Lollapalooza - It just keeps getting better!

NOTE: we've provided access to the ipa file via TestFlight (email account: sargon@base2apps.com)

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