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This application is an interoperability tool developed at the Hackathon to translate geometrical data from Rhino + Grasshopper into Autodesk Inventor. The current version of this application can only read XML files exported from Grasshopper or Dynamo.


Inventor is a platform heavily used in fabrication and engineering workflows for streamlining design to fabrication. Inventor has enabled increased efficiency within our own practice and while there are many advanced tools within the modeling environment such as sheet metal design, frame authoring, parametric assembly and structural analysis tools, there is still a need to translate data more effectively between other design platforms. This posed the challenge of developing an interoperability tool that would bridge information from conceptual designs in RHino into Inventor further analysis and parametric assembly modeling.


In order for Skinventor to function properly, you will need to generate an XML file that is organized into sets of coordinate numbers by name (ex. Points A .... Points B) with x,y,z data. The application will then launch a new part file from Autodesk Inventor and a window will prompt you to select the XML file. This window will then turn into a refresh button that allows you to regenerate any updates made to the Rhino Model and XML file.

Whats next

We are now looking toward investigating additional uses and applications for interoperability between Inventor, Rhino +Grasshopper and Revit+Dynamo. We are excited to be pushing forward the advanced capabilities of parametric and analytical tools like Inventor toward a more fluid workflow with other modeling platforms.


Daniel Inocente & Matthew Noe

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