Wanting to maximize artist revenues through easy channels for royalties

What it does

Creates a seamless ux for artist to instantly log their live performances for submittal for royalties consideration

How we built it

Created a Mobile friendly auto populated form of the artist's roster of songs referenced from the Capitol Records API, Tivo Metadata, Cloudinary, Azure, Docker, Java, Javascript, angular 6, with the assumption that if it is in the catalog it is registered for royalites

Challenges we ran into

Matt Spraley

Using the Spring Framework to connect the Cloudinary API, gathering quality data for our needs.

No smoking sign at the pool

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Created a project ready for production immediately

What we learned

Utilization of sponsor technology, Azure, Cloudinary, Tivo, Capitol Records API

What's next for Applesauce.Hot Set

a nap

Built With

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