We both deal with the struggle of going grocery shopping every single week. It can take up so much time and we often end up buying things we don't need or things that are unhealthy. We came up with this idea as a solution to saving time while eating better.

What it does

Our service allows a user to sign up and include their personal dietary and meal-size preferences. Then, a personally catered list of groceries is designed for the week and the user can place an order. The service uses an API from Amazon Fresh to directly order groceries to your door without having to redirect to Amazon itself.

The groceries will arrive in weekly shipments, with an order summary sent each week with the option to exchange or remove any items. The service itself will be paid for monthly.

How I built it

We used HTML and Javascript to build the website, and a Bootstrap layout for the design.

Challenges I ran into

We struggled with accessing the Amazon Fresh API. It requires developer permissions, which we requested, but they never got back to us in time. For now, we have a mini mock database of possible grocery items.

We also struggled with getting Google Cloud to work for allowing user login. For now, everything is local, but we hope to integrate Firebase into our site.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We came up with a clean plan and finished our basic goals for the website, which was a little trickier with only two people in 24 hours.

What I learned

I learned that Firebase is a very powerful tool but very complex, and requires lots of time for initial setup. I will look into it for finishing this project so I can learn how to leverage it's capabilities.

What's next for apples to oranges

  • Integrate Amazon Fresh's API to actually allow ordering.
  • Integrate Firebase so that we can have a user database.
  • Include more customization for groceries --> groceries to never get, groceries to always get, etc.
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