As students, we had the idea to make something that would help make the learning and note taking process more efficient.

A teacher can use ApplePy to record key parts of a lecture and share that audio, as well as an AI-generated transcript, and a screengrab of the presentation. All three elements are made available to students in real-time via a web interface.

We used a Raspberry Pi with a microphone and touchscreen display to build ApplePy. The Google Cloud Speech-to-Text API is used to generate the transcript of the audio from a .wav file. A MongoDB database is used to store the data and make it accessible to the web interface.

ApplePy can be useful in a variety of ways. For one, having the notes available in different formats supports a diverse range of learning styles. In addition, having a text transcript offers the potential for lectures to be translated into other languages, so as to make knowledge even more accessible.

Through this project, our team learned how to implement Google Cloud APIs, utilize MongoDB, and have collectively gained experience using Python.

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